In this series, we discuss the forgeries found in the bible. We not only go over which books are forged, but also how we know it. We compare things like differing mythologies, and the specific discrepancies in writing styles. For this, we use the works of well known historians such as Richard Carrier and Bart Ehrman. This series is not something you want to miss.

Forged Fiction #1- Gospel of Mark

Forged Fiction #2- Gospel of Matthew

Forged Fiction #3- Gospel of Luke

Forged Fiction #4- Gospel of John

Forged Fiction #5- Acts

Forged Fiction #6- 2 Thessalonians

Forged Fiction #7- Colossians

Forged Fiction #8- Ephesians

Forged Fiction #9- Romans

Forged Fiction #10- The Pastoral Epistles

Forged Fiction 11#- Galatians

Forged Fiction 12#- 1 Corinthians

Forged Fiction 13#- 1 Thessalonians

Forged Fiction #14- Philippians

Forged Fiction #15- 2 Corinthians

Forged Fiction #16- Philemon

Forged Fiction #17- Hebrews

Forged Fiction #18- James

Forged Fiction 19#- 1 Peter

Forged Fiction 20#- 2 Peter

Captain’s Log

This is one of the biggest historical endeavors we have ever taken. This series is the COMPLETE history of piracy. From the Sea Peoples of the 1300s BC to modern day pirates. This series will cover every pirate we have a good record of. Their stories are enthralling no matter what time period we look at. From lesser known pirates like William Fly to better known pirates like Blackbeard, pirate history will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Pirates have been shrouded in myth, but their true history is much more exciting.

The Captains’ Log #1 – Introduction

The Captains’ Log #2 – Battle of Kadesh

The Captains’ Log – The Libyan War

The Captains’ Log #4 – First Great Sea Battle

The Captains’ Log #5 – Greek Dark Age Piracy

The Captains’ Log #6 – Archaic Greek Piracy

The Captains’ Log #7 – Polykrates

The Captains’ Log #8 – The Delian League


In this series, we discuss mythologies from around the world. Past and present. We go over their creation stories, big events in their mythology, and other stories. These other stories include thingsĀ such asĀ cultural heroes, death being brought into the world, and lesser gods. This is a great series for those that want an in depth description of very obscure religions. Our first episode featured Maori mythology. We’ve also covered Sumerian, Bantu, and Basque mythology. We are still producing episodes of this series for at least once a month and the content can only get better.

Mythstory #1 – Maori Mythology

Mythstory #2 – Bantu Mythology

Mythstory #3 – Basque Mythology

Mythstory #4 – Sumerian Mythology

Mythstory #5 – Chukchi Mythology

Mythstory #6 – Mongolian Mythology

Mythstory #7 – Egyptian Mythology

Mythstory #8 – Norse Mythology

Mythstory #9 – Aztec Mythology

Mythstory #10 – Greek Mythology

Mythstory #11 – Zoroastrian Mythology

Mythstory #12 – Japanese Mythology

Mythstory #14 – Celtic Mythology


With 18 total episodes, Sci-Five was Chris Shea-Kurek’s first and currently longest running show.
The show gradually became higher quality by incorporating a green-screen and better editing software. The series came to an end when Chris’s mother became sick and eventually passed away. After which he lost motivation for the 5 topics a week format and schooling started to take property at the time. His next series, Secret Lab Reports, preferred to look at a single topic in more depth and so the name Sci-“five” no longer fit.

Sci-Five Weekly #1- Giant Apes and Black Holes

Sci-Five Weekly #2- Alien Mega-structure and A New Black Hole

Sci-Five Weekly #3- Alien Life and Space Nukes

Sci-Five Weekly #4- Tumor Sensor and The Largest Solar System

Sci-Five Weekly #5- The End of Bed Bugs and Space Mining

Sci-Five Weekly #6- Genetically Modified Humans?

Sci-Five Weekly #7- Energy Producing Wallpaper!

Sci-Five Weekly #8- Possible Invisibilty Cloak?

Sci-Five Weekly #9- Bermuda Triangle: Mystery Solved!

Sci-Five Weekly #10- Watching Paint Dry!!! WOW!

Are you there God? It’s us, Milwaukee Atheists (#11 the April Fools Joke Episode)

Sci-Five Weekly #12- Self Cleaning Laundry (W/ 2k views)

Sci-Five Weekly #13- Teslaphoresis

Sci-Five Weekly #14- Quantum Tunneling Water

Sci-Five Weekly #15- Liquid Wire

Sci-Five Weekly #16- How to Spin a photon

Sci-Five Weekly #17- Robots that feel pain!

Sci-Five Weekly #18- Fish Facial Recognition

How we know what we know

#1 How do we know the speed of light

#2 How do we know what stars are made of

#3 How do we know radiometric dating works

#4 How do we know Vaccines work

#5 How do we know the universe is flat?

Straight from the secret lab, Chris brought you the latest in science news. Chris and his trusty sidekick, In the background Chris, did their best to make sure you have a fundamental understanding of current science. With topics you could bring to the table for discussion, Secret Lab Reports was a family friendly show.

Secret Lab Reports #1- Science of Origami

Secret Lab Reports #2- Simulation Theory

Secret Lab Reports #3- The Lake Effect

Secret Lab Reports #4- Addiction

Secret Lab Reports #5- Black Holes

Secret Lab Reports #6- Dinosaurs

Secret Lab Reports #7- DUNE

Secret Lab Reports #8- Information Cycle

Secret Lab Reports #9- Lift

Secret Lab Reports #10- End of the Universe

Secret Lab Reports #11- Minerals