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What Happened at the Council of Nicaea?

Mythcon 2017


We were there.

What did you guys think about the event.


I did not attend the event, but when I heard of the attempt by some people to organize an attempt to have the event shut down in the hopes of silencing people they don't like, I felt the need to do something. I donated $1,000 to the Mythcon GoFundMe campaign to put my $ where my mouth is. Freedom of Speech, Expression and Thought are paramount in my book, and I wanted to do what I could to support those that are effected by attempts to be silenced. Sifting through the reaction and reply videos after the event I came accross you guys at MA. Your video about the event expressed clearly that you were more uncomfortable with the idea that a group would "attack" Mythcon and innact a deplatforming campaign against anyone, just because they disagree with their point of view. Your balanced view and refusal to support the deplatforming actions of others pushed me to support your group as well.

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