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Parallels between paganism and Christianity

Not sure if this is a topic that is already overdone, but I would be interested in seeing the parallels between paganism and Christianity explored.

When I first left Catholicism I became a solitary Wiccan and heard from other pagans that Christianity was based in many ways on pagan beliefs and practices to ease conversion.  Since then I have also heard that there are other parallels between Christianity and other ancient mythologies, such as the Resurrection story and virgin birth story. There's no question that most major world religions have their Holy Days around the same time on the calendar.  I suppose this all may just be a giant Venn diagram of symbols, but it is something I have always wondered about.

When I was Christian I thought religious similarities were due to diverse humans filtering God through their particular cultures, but that we all believed in the same God. Now I think maybe the stories are similar because the human brain of diverse peoples seeks to find answers in similar ways, no matter the culture.

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