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What Happened at the Council of Nicaea?

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I would like to see a video detailing credible/scholarly sources of information, perhaps a top ten list' type of video. I enjoy the content that you create, but I'm also interested in reading/learning for myself as well. I've read a lot of contemporary books on myth/religion by (Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Richard Carrier, Dan Barker, Bart Ehrman) but I've recently become more interested in ancient texts. I am currently reading Mysteria by Dr. Otto Rhyn. I've been interested in reading about astro-theology and religious syncretism as well, supposing that these evolved into the modern religions of today. What are some scholarly works that I could read anent the first myths/cults? I know I should read Gilgamesh and Herodotus, but I'd appreciate some other recommendations as well. Big Fan of Milwaukee Athiests, thanks for the content!

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