These aren’t really series, but once in a while, we have interviews with prominent people in the secular community. We have had people like Richard Carrier, Hemant Mehta, David Fitzgerald, and atheist youtuber, Logicked. These episodes are for those that like to learn more about the lives and ideas of scholars and activists. Feel free contact us if you would like an interview.

Godless Engineer Interview Mar 18, 2015

James Kirk Wall Interview May 3, 2015

SecHummer Interview Jun 19, 2015

Richard Carrier On the Historicity of Jesus Jul 2, 2015

Aron Ra Interview Aug 3, 2015

David Fitzgerald Debunks Christian Myths Feb 11, 2016

Behind the Mask with Logicked Jun 17, 2016

Jesus Is Not The Only Jesus with Richard Carrier Dec 12, 2016

Jesus, Mything in Action with David Fitzgerald Mar 21, 2017

The Piratical Way with Benerson Little Aug 9, 2017

Debunking the Flat Earth and other astronomy stuff w/ Landon Curt Noll

Introduction To Textual Criticism w/ Lorence Yufa

Exploring Judeo-Christianity w/ Lorence Yufa